Tutoring Survey 2013

We are glad you chose to help yourself by requesting tutoring services. Your thoughts are important to us. Please take a moment to complete the following survey. Your participation is voluntary and all responses are anonymous and confidential. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback!

Course Name:
Instructor's Name:

What type of tutoring did you receive? (please check all that apply)

Business/Accounting Lab Veterinary Science Lab One-on-one tutoring
Computer Tutoring Lab Writing Center General/Nighttime Tutoring
Math/Science Lab Study Skills Group tutoring

How did you learn about tutoring services? (please check all that apply)

Instructor Recommendations of peers
Presentation in class Accommodative Services Office
Campus Email CSTEP 
Webpage EOP
Orientation/Admissions material Other (please specify) 

Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements
Not Applicable Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
The person who assisted me was helpful and knowledgeable in meeting my academic needs
I felt that the person who assisted me was concerned with my academic needs
The person who assisted me was friendly and courteous
My general study skills benefited from tutoring
My grade for this course improved from tutoring
The tutoring space and environment was suitable for tutoring
There were sufficient materials/resources available for me to complete my assignments
I received tutoring services in a timely manner
The person who assisted me was well prepared

How much have your experiences with tutoring contributed to your growth and learning in: 
N/A - Did not seek tutoring for this No contribution Small contribution Large contribution Very large contribution
Acquiring information
Acquiring analytical thinking skills
Using computer and information technology effectively
Identifying my learning style and how to be a better learner
Developing study skills specific to my learning abilities and style
Mathematical concepts

How often did you use the tutoring services this semester?

How could tutoring services be improved to better meet the needs of students?

What other services would you like to see academic tutoring offer? 

Please describe your tutoring experience. Be sure to list the tutor(s) that you are describing in your narrative. 

What is your class year? 
First semester freshman
Second semester freshman

What is your GPA?

What is your major?

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